How to Cut Your Own Bangs

model with bangs

I never actually think enough balls ahead to schedule a bang trim so, of course, I usually realize I’m in dire need of a snip when I’m already running late getting ready to go out.  While this guide is definitely not intended to replace the skilled hands of a hairdresser, it can get you by in a pinch. Also, what I have pictured below is a HUGE trim as I made the mistake of letting my bangs get laughably long.

I’m not sure if these are even still classified as “bangs.” I think it’s just hair at this point.

What You Need

  • Equal parts bravery and decent hair shears. You can pick up a pair for like $10 at your local beauty supply.
  • A straight comb for parting the hair
  • A place to do this. I cut over my bathroom sink onto a towel for easier cleanup.

If you’re just trimming, the instructions are more or less the same. Now, let’s get to work…

  1. Make sure your hair is totally dry! Never cut bangs when your hair is wet.
  2. Use your comb to part and separate your bangs from the rest of your hair. Comb it down over your forehead.

  3. Grab some hair between your index and middle fingers and hold firm. You can also angle your fingers to create a side-swept line if that’s what you’re going for.
  4. You’re going to use your scissors and cut vertically where you’d like to trim. The idea is to work in very small snips. Cut up into the hair with the top quarter- to half-inch of the blades. This thins the hair gradually and creates more natural edges. If you’re starting long like I was, you can remove some of that length by cutting grander strokes across to get to the point where you can start trimming vertically and shaping the bangs.

    How to trim your own bangs. Upward snips

  5. Keep checking your progress in the mirror and snipping away until you’re satisfied with the length and shape.

I can see again!



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