How to Get Really Long Lashes

Long lashes after using Revitalash

I think there’s maximum length your eyelashes can be before people start to hate you. Let’s get you there!

There are a few routes. We’re only dealing in real lashes here, not extensions, magnetic lashes, etc.

  1. Latisse. This is prescription-only. It totally works for dramatic results, but takes a long time to start working, supposedly two months before you start to see a difference! My friend stopped using it because her lashes got too long and “started looking like spiders.” Latisse is a no-go for me because of the annoyance of getting a prescription and the warnings: temporary eyelid darkening and possible permanent darkening of the iris. Nope and nope.

  2. Revitalash. It’s expensive at $98-$150 per tube, but it totally works and there are no known side effects. From personal experience, you don’t need to use it as much as they say in order for it to work; you can get away with using it 3 times a week, which makes that supposed “6 month supply” last more like a year. The Revitalash website often has coupon codes for 10% off. Amazon also sells it Prime, but you won’t get that coupon code.



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